About David Harris

David Harris is a standup comedian and magician from Minneapolis, Minnesota with over 2000 appearances under his belt. He entertains at Fortune 500 companies, meetings, events, organizations, clubs, colleges, casinos, and countless other venues across the United States. David's personal and person-driven approach to comedy and magic is clean, inventive, relatable, interactive, and tailored to each audience he entertains - Even grandmas. David has appeared multiple times on ABC, CBS, and FOX TV affiliates, including live television, to rave reviews. In the 20 years of perfecting his act, he has been invited to perform in over 15 different states and more than 20 times alone by his alma mater, The University of Minnesota, where he also received a degree in Communications and Business. David has been lucky to share the stage with some of the best in the business including the legendary Louie Anderson. He's a famous comedian. (Louie is famous, not David, but you knew that.)Additionally, David has won two midwest emmys for a sketch comedy TV show that he co-produced and co-starred in, called, "Nate on Drums" which aired to a cult following on the Twin Cities ABC TV affiliate back in 2005-2006. (That's not THAT long ago – come on!) David has also starred in other award-winning online ads, sketches, and TV commercials, including a recent spot for Panchero's Mexican Grill which aired regionally for over five years. In short, David is a born entertainer who is sure to please. And he's not even close to finished.