Where are you located?

We are located within the Crooked Pint (totally separate room) at 2723 Commerce Dr. NW, Rochester, MN, 55901.  Please DO NOT call the Crooked Pint for ticketing or comedy information!

Do you still offer a US Military/Veteran discount?

Yes.  Enter the promo code "US Military" (no quotes) and your reservation to Goonie's is discounted 100%.  This is only valid for current or former US Military personnel and a valid military ID or papers must be presented to our greeters at seating time.  If no ID is presented, we have to charge for the seat at that time (Door rate).  We are absolutely honored to have you in attendance at Goonie's and this is the best way for us to thank you for your service.

When/Why do I need to assign a GROUP NAME to my reservation?

Typical Reservation Example:  "John Doe" orders and pays for 4 reservations in one transaction.  Mr Doe's reservation is set for a total of 4 people.  There is NO REASON to assign a GROUP NAME.  Show up and laugh!
GROUP NAME Reservation Example:  Britney, Crystal's Maid of Honor, sent out a Facebook invite for 35 people to attend one specific comedy show at Goonie's.  Britney paid for her admission under her own name and reserved ONE seat.  (At that time, Goonie's staff sees a reservation for ONE under "Britney X.")  But wait...To Britney's credit, she took the time to read our reservation criteria and noticed a GROUP NAME option.  She assigned "Crystal's Bachelorette" as the GROUP NAME and included that in her initial FB post.  Anyone who wanted to join "Crystal's Bachelorette" can now purchase his/her own reservation, but in order to be seated with "Crystal's Bachelorette" GROUP, they must include that GROUP NAME.
Long story short, each seat is reserved at Goonie's.  If you communicate with your party and us, we will get you seated together.

Do you have an Open Mic?

Yes!  Every Thursday night @ 7:30 PM.  FREE admission.  To perform, you must register in advance by e-mail: gooniescomedyclub@gmail.com.

What is the minimum age requirement?

18 years of age and up (17 years with parent).

Is the building handicap accessible?

Absolutely.  Please e-mail us 24 hours in advance of your show for special seating needs (info@gooniescomedy.com).

Do you enforce a dress code?

Yes!  Shirt, pants/shorts, and shoes.

Do you have a 2 drink minuimum?

No.  Please come and laugh.

If I purchase reservations and cannot make the show, will I be refunded?

No.  There are no refunds if the show goes on as scheduled.  Goonie's is a live event like any concert, sport, etc.  You can always pass your reservations on to another party.  They just need to check in under the initial reservation name.  (Refunds will be issued in the event of a canceled show.)

How can I book a comedian(s) for a private party?

Please email Mark, mark@gooniescomedy.com, with your event details and budget.  He can put together a great event for your group.  References available upon request.

I'm a touring comedian, so how can I get booked to perform at Goonie's?

Funny Business Agency books our weekend entertainers.  Please email frontdesk@funny-business.com your information.